Rothesay Academy's 2016 prize winners

Prize-winners with guest speaker, Emma Alexander.
Prize-winners with guest speaker, Emma Alexander.

Rothesay Academy's annual academic prize-giving took place on Thursday, September 8, recognising the hard-work and achievements of many of the school's pupils.

The evening began with head teacher, Julie Fisher, offering a warm welcome to the families of this year's prize-winners, saying: "We have fantastic pupils, many of whom sit in front of us this evening - intelligent and creative, with a wide range of skills and attributes, and with huge potential to make a success of whatever they choose to do.

“A school is only as strong as the community it is part of. We are going from strength to strength and this is only possible with the commitment of our partners.”

Ms Fisher continued: ”Thanks to all parents and carers for your continuing support. There is no doubt that you are by far the most influential people in your children’s lives. You have played a vital role at all stages in their education; your support in their learning has made a real difference.

“Your active involvement can help promote a learning community in which our pupils can thrive. I would encourage all parents to get involved in the school community.”

This year's guest speaker was island vet, Emma Alexander, a former house captain at Rothesay Academy and previous recipient of the school's top prize, the Thomson Exhibition Award.

The new house and school captains were also announced at the ceremony. For Straad, the captains are Ryan Craig, Malek Helmi, and Chloe Rae. Kilchattan’s house captains are Carlyn Leitch, Molly McGregor, and Layla Templeton.

Rothesay Academy’s new school captains are Andy MacDonald and Louis Ware.

Prize-winners are as follows:


S1 General Excellence Award: Nadia Jedrol; Adam MacAulay; Eilish MacNeil; Kyle McLachlan; Elena McMillan; Amy Simpson


S2 General Excellence Award: Mya Allan; Felicity Baird; Blane Colman; Emelia Dick; Emma Flanagan; Josh Hampson; Jonah Templeton; Maeve Twomlow


S3 General Excellence Award: Hazel Docherty; Molly Doyle; Lauren McMillan; Andrew Middleton; Beth Swan: Kianna Zavaroni


S4 Silver (3 or 4 National 5 Awards with National 4 Awards): Chloe Bradshaw; Craig Fisher; Courtney MacVeigh; Hayley McGuire; Ellie McMillan; Calum Robertson

S4 Gold (5 or more National 5 Awards): Ryan Craig; Blair Cross; Zara Henry; Megan McDonald; Ludwig Nemiro; Ryan Seath; Abigail Tayler; Layla Templeton; Sophie Whitelaw; Liam McLachlan.

Skills for Work Student of the Year: Liam McLachlan

Academic Excellence in S4 (The Picture Bute Cup for Academic Excellence in S4): Zara Henry and Layla Templeton


S5 Silver (3/4 Highers): Chloe Aiken, Ailsa Gillies; Emily Guy; Chloe Rae; Saul Sykes; Louis Ware

S5 Gold Award (5 Highers): Jack Deans; John Jack; Andy McDonald; Molly McGregor; Mark McLachlan; Jenna Reid; Alastair Shaw

S5 Academic Excellence (The Morrison Award for Academic Excellence in S5): Mark McLachlan


S6 Silver (3/4 Highers, or 1 Advanced Higher and 1/2 Highers): Maggie Catlin; Keir Edwards; Maya Gorman; Jamie Murray

S6 Gold (1 Advanced Higher and 3 Highers, or 2 Advanced Highers and 1/2 Highers): Hannah Gibb; Caitlin McIntyre

Community and Citizenship Awards

Community Impact Award: Jordan Burt, Liam Graham; Thomas Howat; Emma MacPhee; Lewis McConnell; Niamh McGinity; Jay Muldoon; Charmayne Murphy; Leah Porter; Ryan Wilson

The Rothesay Academy Citizenship Award: Maggie Catlin; David Maxwell; Andy McDonald; Mark McLachlan; Marcela McMillan; John Murray; Jenna Reid

The Leadership Award presented by the Rotary Club of Rothesay: Jamie Murray and Douglas Zavaroni

The Len Scoullar Award for Citizenship: Maggie Catlin, Hannah Gibb, and Molly McGregor.

Prize Winners

The Peter Lingard Prize for Music: Amber Williams

The Rothesay Academy Prize for Graphic Communication: John Jack

The Brendan Prize for Art; The Rothesay Academy Prize for Computing Science: Caitlin McIntyre

The Rothesay Academy Prize for History; The W. S. Shaw Prize for Mathematics: Mark McLachlan

The Rothesay Academy Prize for Geography; The Rothesay Academy Prize for Physics; The James Bicker Prize for PE: Jack Deans

The Rothesay Academy Prize for Chemistry; The James S. Miller Prize for Biology: Molly McGregor

The Bute Charitable Trust Prize for English: John Murray

The Nancy Gardner Prize for French: Jenna Reid

The Nancy Gardner Prize for German: Maya Gorman

The Margo C. G. Kerr Prize for History: Chloe Rae

The Rothesay Academy Prize for Administration and IT: Andrew McMillan

The Golden Jubilee Cup and Prize for Home Economics/Hospitality, presented by Bute SWRI: Blair Cross and Megan Davis

Principal Awards

The Markwell Music Award (presented by Dr Hazel Markwell): Shaun Cassidy

The Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for English: Alastair Shaw

The Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy memorial Prize for Mathematics: Jack Deans

The Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for Science: Hannah Gibb

The Thomson Gold Medal and Rothesay Academy Memorial Prize for Modern Languages: Andy McDonald

The Thomson Exhibition Award, Gilmour Trophy and the Bute Charitable Trust Prize: Caitlin McIntyre