Review: Butefest Day 3 - it more than cut the mustard

Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 at Butefest
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 at Butefest

What more could you ask for on the final day of a music festival other than great music and near perfect weather?

Butefest 2016 wrapped with another afternoon and evening of top notch live entertainment across the site.

Save for one brief shower, which sent everyone into the Cal Mac tent where the caught the end of a smashing set from Arc Altair - it was a day to sit back in your fold-out chairs and simply enjoy the vibe of the festival.
Well, that is until Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 came along and just blew the place to bits.

‘‘We don’t do fold-up chairs at our gigs - health and safety, you see’’ they said tongue in cheek before winning the festival hands down with a set that energised the audience and created a buzz that lingered for the rest of the evening.

If folk departed talking about one band over the weekend then it was surely the yellow brigade whose joyful, brilliant and richly entertaining set had everyone moving - literally.

No-one else sings about road safety and has its audience crossing the road (safely) from left to right and back again, let alone sings a song for Colin - ‘cause there’s always a Colin - or promotes their purple vests with a bonkers twist on Prince’s Purple Rain, but they did it all, and they made sure everyone was included, every the arms-folded, beardy blokes at the back! That - along with their stirring sound - is why Colonel Mustard is a gem of an ensemble.

There was a dance off, there were kids on stage, and party - for that’s what it was - a finale with all the gingers in the audience taking centre stage.

Every festival needs a band that zaps energy like a bolt of electricity through its audience - Colonel Mustard did that, and delivered the most unique set of the entire event. They surely have to return in 2017.

Before them came Heron Valley had feet tapping and hands clapping to their excellent set of reels and jigs; the very first notes of their opening song acted as a call to the main stage, and a slight rain shower simply saw everyone shift under the giant canopy.

The fun continued as The Scot Wood Band took to the stage and rode the energy that flowed thanks to Colonel Mustard - their own bagpipe and fiddle led instrumentals went down a treat.

As the sun set The Rezillos brought the spirit of punk rock to the main stage - a set list drawn on the back of a pizza box contained some lively new material as well as the bona fide classics from 1977. ‘Top Of The Pops’ remains a belter, but they then punk’d the life out of that rock classic ‘River Deep, Mountain High’ - I suspect Tina Turner would have approved, and probably joined in given the opportunity.

And so it was left to Idlewild to bring the curtain down on Butefest 2016.

A smashing set from one of Scotland’s finest bands - the perfect way to wrap up an outstanding festival.