‘Remaking Rothesay’ starts on Wednesday

Rothesay Academy pupils take part in an ideas session as part of the Remaking Rothesay design charrette.
Rothesay Academy pupils take part in an ideas session as part of the Remaking Rothesay design charrette.

The ‘Remaking Rothesay’ Design Charrette gets under way in earnest on Wednesday - and there are plenty of opportunities for you to share your thoughts on an action plan for the town’s future over the next few days.

A team of experts led by Glasgow firm Ice Cream Architecture are leading a series of themed daytime and afternoon/evening workshops at the Isle of Bute Discovery Centre on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday - but if you can’t make it along to the session in which you have a particular interest, don’t worry, because you can always pop in and contribute your views and ideas throughout the four-day process.

The event concludes on Saturday with a session looking at creating an action plan for Rothesay, to be followed by a ‘Bring-a-Dish’ community lunch.

All the workshops are free to attend, and the Charrette team will be in and around the Discovery Centre until 9pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for you to pop in and take part.

The timetable and themes for the event are as follows:

Wednesday 24th, 4pm-8pm

Re:Defining - creating visions, culture/heritage/tourism, economic growth and investment

Thursday 25th, 11am-2pm

Re:Enterprising - start-ups and supporting existing businesses, skills/jobs/apprenticeships, creative industries (Lunch included)

Thursday 25th, 4pm-8pm

Re:Activating - facilities and resources, young people and families, accessibility and getting around

Friday 26th, 11am-2pm

Re:Building - activating spaces and routes, re-use of redundant buildings, buildings/maintenance (Lunch included)

Friday 26th, 4pm-8pm

Re:Connecting - decision making/governance, collaboration and empowerment, promotion and communication

Saturday 27th, 11am-2pm

Creating the Action Plan: who does what and how is it resourced? (Followed by bring-a-dish community lunch)

Keep in touch with Remaking Rothesay’s activities throughout the event at the Remaking Rothesay Facebook page.