Provost given freedom of Argyll and Bute

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PROVOST William Petrie has been made an honorary freeman of Argyll and Bute at a special council meeting.

Mr Petrie retires from his post as a councillor for the Lomond North ward of Argyll and Bute Council at next week’s local authority election after 45 years as an elected member.

Argyll and Bute chief executive Sally Loudon said: “The retiral of Councillor William Petrie, Provost of Argyll and Bute, after almost half a century of unbroken council service, is the end of an era for local government in our area.

“William Petrie’s contribution to public life goes well beyond local government, his work as a deputy lieutenant for Dunbartonshire and his contribution at a local and national level to the development of tourism in Scotland being just two examples.

“On behalf of all Provost Petrie’s fellow councillors, past and present, and the officers who have worked with him over his long career, I wish him and his wife Jean a long, happy and fruitful retirement.”