Price trends make Rothesay attractive prospect for buyers

PROPERTY prices in Rothesay continue to make the island an attractive prospect for intending buyers, according to a detailed analysis of the local property market.

The average value of a property in the town, according to, the UK’s most comprehensive property website, is £123,391 - an increase of £1,174, or silghtly less than one per cent, on 12 months ago, but the average asking price for property in Rothesay is only £85,875.

Across the PA20 postcode - which covers the whole of Bute, rather than Rothesay alone - the figures are broadly similar, though the average asking price is slightly lower (£84,326).

However, according to’s Zed-Index, calculated using a proprietory algorithm which continuously analyses millions of data points relating to property sales and home characteristics across the UK, property values in the PA20 area are £123,706 - an increase on February 2011 of £3,350, or 2.78 per cent.