Port Bannatyne SWRI report

There was an encouraging number of new members at the opening meeting of Port Bannatyne WRI. Retiring president Mrs Jessmay Morton handed the badge of office to Mrs Nicki Edgar.

Nicki relayed all the trials and tribulations of competing at the various shows during the summer, but one item of Federation business which was particularly pleasing was that the Bute Federation prize for Home Economics presented at Rothesay Academy will be continued by the Renfrewshire federation.

Helen MacLeod gave a slide presentation entitled Bute from north to south. This was a collection of special views and occasions on the island. The best bit of the evening was most definitely was the tea and cakes!

Competition winners are as follows:

Bramble Jelly: 1 Jessmay Morton; 2 Nan Colvin

Self photo back in the days: 1.Els Kamst; 2 Jean Hunter; 3 Helen MacLeod