O’Hara criticises May over general election decision

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Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara has criticised as an “extraordinary political u-turn” Theresa May’s decision today to call a general election.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s announcement of a potential general election to be held on June 8, O’Hara said: “Despite promising she wouldn’t call a general election, Theresa May simply couldn’t resist and once again we see the Tories putting short term party-political advantage at the heart of everything they do.

“This isn’t about good governance, this is Theresa May capitalising on the dysfunctional Labour opposition to bolster her hard-right, hard-Brexit agenda.”

“Now, more than ever, Scotland needs to be protected from a Tory Party which now sees the chance of grabbing control of government for many years to come and moving the UK further to the right – forcing through a hard Brexit and imposing deeper cuts in the process.

“This is a position at the polar opposite to the left of centre majority in Scotland.”

O’Hara of the Scottish National Party was elected to represent Argyll and Bute in the 2015 general election, and is the SNP Defence spokesperson.

He went on: “This will be an election about standing up for Scotland, in the face of a right-wing, austerity obsessed Tory government with no mandate in Scotland but which now thinks it can do whatever it wants and get away with it.

“In terms of Scotland, this move is a huge political miscalculation by the Prime Minister.

“The SNP will always put the people of Scotland first – and between now and June 8th I will work harder than ever to retain the trust of everyone in Argyll and Bute.”