MSP secures fishing debate

Stewart Stevenson new picture
Stewart Stevenson new picture

Banffshire & Buchan Coast MSP Stewart Stevenson has secured a Parliamentary Members’ debate on the Scottish Fishermen Federaton’s ‘A Sea of Opportunity’ campaign.

Mr Stevenson secured cross party support for a Members’ debate on the points made by the campaign.

The motion draws attention to the opportunities that will emerge for Scotland’s coastal communities resulting from full control for fishing in the offshore economic zone.

The motion continues by emphasising the assertion by the SFF - that UK fishing interests can be best protected by allowing a minister from Scotland to lead upcoming Brexit fishing negotiations.

Mr Stevenson said: “This debate will allow us to discuss how to ensure a thriving sustainable UK fishing industry.

“Full control of our coastal waters is an incredible opportunity for our coastal communities - it’s vital we protect that.

“In December the Tories refused to unit behind fishing during our annual fisheries debate.

“They alone, out of five parties in the Scottish Parliament, failed to send UK and Scottish fishing a clear message of support.

“I hope they use this opportunity to finally unit behind our fishing communities.

“The SFF believe it’s important that the Scottish Government have a lead role in future negotiations and I look forward to supporting that position,” he added.