Foxes and rats and gulls - oh, my!

Argyll and Bute Council switched from weekly to three-weekly refuse collection in October 2016.
Argyll and Bute Council switched from weekly to three-weekly refuse collection in October 2016.

Foxes have been spotted in Rothesay’s streets following the move to a three-weekly refuse collection in Argyll and Bute.

Foxes, believed to have been introduced to the island over a decade ago, are now being spotted more regularly in and around the island’s main town, prompting calls for action. There have also been reports of increasing numbers of seagulls and rats around wheelie bins which, in some cases, are overflowing.

At Bute Community Council’s recent meeting in the United Church of Bute last month, Dawn MacDonald told BCC councillors: “My daughter and her friend were recently walking up High Street and saw a fox running down the road.

“They’re coming into the town where the bigger skips are kept because they know they’ll get access to food in the town.

“What is BCC willing to do about this three-weekly uplift? It’s unsightly, and with more care in community you’ve got more waste in terms of bodily fluid waste. Will the community council challenge the council on this three-weekly lift of waste?”

One member of the public made a point of saying that those who have more rubbish than they can fit in bins are having to take it to Westland’s Recycling Centre, but since it’s not recorded, it looks to the council as though the new system is working when it’s not.

Community councillor, Paul MacDonald, called on the island’s three councillors, Len Scoullar, Robert Macintyre and Isobel Strong to take action. “A contractor in Mill Street told me he’d seen rats. I think the council is accepting this and it’s time for Len, Robert and Isobel to start fighting our corner here.

“You need to get out round these places where these flats are. Some decent people who are trying to recycle - putting another bin out won’t help.

“It’s time to get out and speak to people like Dawn - come spring-time it’s going to a nightmare.”

Chairperson of BCC, Grace Strong, said that the community council would write a letter to Argyll and Bute Council to raise all these points.

Community councillor, Martin Catlin, said: “When it was rolled out three-weekly there should have been a programme of education for people.

“I would suggest, within the letter, we ask for someone from amenity services to come and address our concerns.”