European election: Argyll and Bute win for SNP

Brendan O'Hara MP (centre) among the SNP members celebrating the party's European election victory.
Brendan O'Hara MP (centre) among the SNP members celebrating the party's European election victory.

The SNP enjoyed an emphatic and historic victory in Argyll and Bute for the European Parliament elections.

Local MP Brendan O’Hara said the result here in Argyll and Bute - and across Scotland as a whole – was “a huge endorsement of the SNP’s fierce anti-Brexit stance and a further demonstration that the people of this constituency are still overwhelmingly opposed to being dragged out of Europe against their will”.

Votes stacked up at the count.

Votes stacked up at the count.

In a record turnout (47 per cent) for a EU election in Argyll & Bute, the SNP increased its share of the vote by nine per cent and actually received more votes than the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats and Labour parties combined. The newly-formed Brexit Party finished second in the region.

The SNP won the popular vote in 30 of 32 Scottish local authorities and was only 846 votes short of winning all 32.

Speaking after the count on Sunday evening, Mr O’Hara (SNP) said: “This has been both a historic and a spectacular victory for the SNP and once again Brexit has been overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Argyll and Bute.

“We said no to Brexit in 2016 and this result makes it clear, we meant it.

“The people of this constituency know, perhaps more than most, the devastating effect Brexit will have on our ability to attract the people we desperately need to come and live, work, invest and raise a family here.

“Regardless of where they come from, we need people and that’s why any Brexit – but particularly the version on offer from the Tories – would be absolutely devastating for the future of Argyll & Bute.

“We cannot accept a Brexit that silences our nation, our democracy and that fails to represent the interests of people in Scotland.

“Every single day I’m at Westminster I will continue working with anyone and everyone who is committed to stopping Brexit and all the ensuing economic damage it will do, particularly to Argyll and Bute and to Scotland.

“All that Westminster has to offer is more chaos and confusion – potentially under the new leadership of a hard-right, extreme Tory Brexiteer. Which is why more and more people will come to the conclusion that Scotland’s future is best served as a normal independent country.”

Full result for Argyll and Bute:

Change UK - the Independent Group -505

Conservative and Unionist Party - 3985

Labour Party - 1197

Liberal Democrats - 5019

Scottish Green Party - 2255

Scottish National Party -11,366

The Brexit Party - 5450

UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 568

Edgar, Gordon - 141

Parke, Ken -43