Argyll and Bute Labour Party calls for public vote on Brexit

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The Argyll and Bute Labour Party is calling for a public vote on Brexit, with one of the options on offer being to stay in the EU.

The party meeting, held in Inverary last week, called for the Scottish Labour Party Conference - to be held in Dundee next month - to back the move.

Rob Bray, local party secretary, said “The Tory government has made a mess of these negotiations, causing division and uncertainty.

“Whatever happens in Parliament, we need a public vote to allow the people to have their say.”

EU leaders have indicated they would be prepared to delay the UK’s departure from the EU, scheduled for March 29, to allow a ‘Peoples’ Vote’ to take place. Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed EU departure deal has been overwhelmingly rejected by the Commons and there appears little sign of an alternative with EU leaders unwilling to renegotiate. It would leave the UK facing the prospect of a No Deal scenario.