Police Scotland urge Rothesay residents to ‘Stay Safe’ this Christmas

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Police Scotland has launched an awareness campaign to help keep people safe during the festive period.

It is the busiest time of the year for shops and for office parties, and Police Scotland have some tips of how to stay safe and enjoy the festivities in their campaign ‘This Christmas Stay Safe’.

Party Safe

• Plan ahead for your night out

• Stay together – look out for friends

• Watch your drinks and how much you drink

• Keep bags and valuables with you at all times

• Make sure your phone is charged, you have money to get home and look after your keys

• Use a licensed taxi, public transport or arrange a lift.

Shop safe

• Look after your bags and valuables

• Do not withdraw more money than you need

• Put your money in your wallet/bag before leaving ATM

• Hide your PIN number

• Don’t leave gifts in cars or in plain sight at home

• Close and lock all doors and windows and leave some lights on when you go out

Superintendent Alan Cunningham, of Safer Communities at Police Scotland, said: “Above all we want everyone across Scotland to enjoy themselves during the festive period and have a happy and safe time.

“Taking a few simple steps when planning a night out or looking after valuables while out shopping can ensure people this Christmas stay safe.

“These tips can make all the difference so that everyone can be ‘Shop Safe’ and ‘Party Safe’ throughout the festive period.”

Inspector Gordon Anderson based at Rothesay Police office said “The advice contained in this media release will help everyone stay safe and enjoy the festive period. Officers from Rothesay will be out on hi-visibility patrols throughout the festive period helping to keep people safe”

Posters highlighting these tips will appear in 32 train stations throughout Scotland to target shoppers as well as in shopping centres and bars.

Messages will be issued across the Police Scotland social media on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow Police Scotland on social media on Twitter at @PoliceScotland and on Facebook.