Police report for past month

Local Police Inspector, Gordon Anderson, provided Bute Community Council with an update on criminal matters over the past month.

* Several complaints have been made to the police from members of the public regarding parking, particularly in Rothesay town centre. Officers have been issuing tickets where offences have been detected. The main areas highlighted are Gallowgate, Columshill St and Bishop St. A meeting was held recently with a representative from Argyll and Bute Council’s Roads Department to assess the yellow lines. etc., in the town.

* A persistant offender who continued to commit driving offences was disqualified from driving at Rothesay Sheriff Court earlier this week. Officers will continue to address persistant offenders who commit offences and show disregard for road safety.

* Two new officers started at Rothesay Police Office earlier this week, One is in a permanent posting and the other is on a three-month secondment.

* A local male has been charged with allowing his dog to foul at the public park near the swimming pool on September 13, 2012.