Police issue warning over ‘Nek Nominations’ on Bute


Bute police have issued a warning to island residents taking part in the Facebook craze, ‘Nek Nomination’.

The challenge, which is believed to have originated in Australia, went viral on Facebook and requires participants to down a drink - usually an alcoholic drink - in unusual circumstances on camera, before nominating others to do the same by tagging them in the post. The warning has been issued following some reports in the national media of participants who’ve died after taking part.

Inspector Gordon Anderson, Bute’s senior police officer, told The Buteman: “Police on Bute have been informed of incidents involving nek nomination which has been reported nationally and some of the incidents have ended with fatalities. Whilst some may see it as a bit of fun, the consequences are very dangerous. Police on Bute have also been informed of incidents happening locally.

“I’d ask that people act with responsibility and that they don’t put themselves in danger. I’d also ask that if you receive a nomination please do not feel influenced to partake in any activity through peer pressure.

“The consequences of drinking large volumes of alcohol in such a short period of time are very dangerous for those taking part. We would call on people not to participate and to act responsibly to protect their friends from the serious risks associated with it by not nominating them to take part.

“Any incidents reported to the police will be investigated to clarify if any criminality has taken place.”