Pier pressure affects MV Bute

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ROTHESAY’S ferry link with the mainland was reduced from two ships to one on Tuesday after MV Bute was damaged in an altercation with Wemyss Bay pier.

The damage, which left a small hole in the vessel’s port side hull, just forward of her name and well above the waterline, was caused as the ship was being manoeuvred into position alongside the mainland berth at approximately 7.40pm on Monday, when a gust of wind caused the ship to heel over against the top of one of the large fenders protecting the pier itself.

The damage was inspected and the vessel completed her final sailing of the day to Rothesay, but all her scheduled crossings on Tuesday were cancelled while repairs were carried out, leaving MV Argyle to handle all the traffic on her own.

The ship returned to service first thing on Wednesday morning, but was subject to delays due to adverse weather.

Technical gremlins also left the Rhubodach-Colintraive service liable to disruption on both Friday and Saturday, though the problem affecting MV Loch Dunvegan was fixed by Saturday afternoon.