Pet owners warned after cats die from anti-freeze poisoning

RESIDENTS of Ballochgoy and the surrounding area are being warned to keep an eye on their pets when out and about after two cats died as a result of consuming anti-freeze.

Reader Diane Kean contacted The Buteman on Thursday last week after her cat was found by her child in a serious condition.

Diane told us: “A neighbour’s cat was taken to the vets with anti-freeze poisoning only hours before we found ours in a similar state. We found her lying outside the front door. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her head and she had foam coming out of her mouth.”

The cat was immediately taken to Bute and Cowal Vets where it was identified that anti-freeze was to blame.

Sadly, the cat died overnight while in their care.

“Someone could be intentionally poisoning them, but it could just as easily be accidental, from someone leaving it lying around,” Diane said.

“Either way, it’s a horrendous death for the animal. It can take 24 hours [from consumption to death] and it burns the animal from the inside out,” Diane told us.

The SSPCA are now involved and the police have been contacted.

Diane continued: “They’re family pets and no animal should have to go through such excruciating pain. We just want people to be aware that this has happened to two animals and to be extra-cautious with their own pets.”

A police spokesperson told us: “We’d like to ask the public to dispose of all household materials properly and responsibly. Products such as anti-freeze should be properly stored out of reach of children and animals.”