Working together to prevent suicide

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The emotional impact on families, friends and communities bereaved by suicide is devastating and can have long lasting negative effects on those left behind.

Whilst it is difficult to put an exact cost on the economic and social impact of a suicide; a figure of £1.5 million per individual has been estimated. The ripple effect on families, friends and communities adds another dimension which would increase this figure dramatically.

Last year 11 people in Argyll & Bute took their own lives.

Suicide prevention is everyone’s business and the new Suicide Prevention Action Plan for Scotland, Every Life Matters, continues to support the National Outcome to enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

Mental Health Minister Clare Haughey said: “Every life matters and no death by suicide should be regarded as either acceptable or inevitable. Over the past decade, Scotland has made real progress in reducing deaths by suicide but we want to go further. Our view is that suicide is preventable, and where anyone contemplating suicide or who has lost a loved one to suicide should get the support they need.

“If we are to achieve this, we need to make clear that suicide prevention is everyone’s business. We need to work together across sectors and organisations to identify and support people in distress, strengthen communities, and save lives.”

For information on what to do if you are worried someone is feeling suicidal, and to download ‘The Art of Conversation’, a free guide on spotting the signs, starting a conversation and being a good listener, visit