Pupils’ positive destinations

Michael Russell
Michael Russell

The latest Scottish Government figures show 94.7 per cent of school leavers in Argyll and Bute are going into further or higher education, employment or training three months after leaving school.

The percentage of people going on to ‘positive destinations’ is up from 92.9 per cent last year and increased from 90.4 per cent since 2011/12.

Of those in positive destinations, 41 per cent are at university and 18 per cent are at college, while 32 per cent are in employment and three per cent are in training.

SNP MSP for Argyll and Bute Michael Russell said: “These figures reflect just how important SNP action on education is for our young people.

“Being able to go on to a positive destination after leaving school is a great boost for young people across Argyll and Bute, improving their self-confidence and setting them up to make positive contributions to our communities as adults.

“That more young people across Argyll and Bute are going on to positive destinations this year than previously – up from 90.4 per cent to 94.7 per cent over the last six years – is fantastic news for our local community.

“Our young people need fulfilling work, study or training after leaving school to help ensure they don’t get left behind, and these positive figures for Argyll and Bute show that they are benefitting from exactly that.”