Pothole fund welcomed by MSP

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Highlands and Islands List MSP Donald Cameron has welcomed a proposal by the Scottish Conservatives to create a £100 million Pothole Action Fund, believing that it is something that his region desperately needs.

Mr Cameron (Con) said: “The condition of some of our roads is deplorable and they are set to get even worse if nothing is done about it.

“A report issued by Audit Scotland on local government funding in Scotland makes it quite clear that councils in the Highlands and Islands will look in vain to the SNP Government for assistance.

“In the last five years, council funding for Argyll and Bute has been cut by 13 per cent. It’s hardly surprising that in these circumstances our roads are being neglected.

“The Audit Commission points out that: ‘Argyll and Bute Council has the most roads in need of maintenance and is in the bottom 25 per cent for cost of roads per km.’

“This long-term under-investment is undercutting the Highlands and Islands economy and costing councils a fortune in compensation for car owners.

“There is no alternative to road transport for people living in remote and rural areas.

“A multi-billion pound project to develop the tram network in Edinburgh is not much use if you are living on Islay and worried that your car might hit a pothole the next time you go shopping.”