Port rurals learns about Crinan Canal

Crinan Canal.
Crinan Canal.

Port Bannatyne SWRI Vice-president, Jessmay Morton, conducted the business items from the Federation and then introduced the speaker for the evening, Iain MacLeod, at the most recent meeting of the rural.

The promise of Marie`s cream sponge for supper was the incentive for him to give the talk on the Crinan Canal. H

e gave a brief history of the building of the canal and compared the initial use of the canal to the present day situation where almost all the traffic is for leisure purposes. He also managed a brief stop off at Dunadd to have his photo taken in the footprint where the kings were once crowned.

Wilma Jardine gave an enthusiastic vote of thanks.

Competition results are as follows:

A Decorated Egg: 1 Muriel MacKay, 2 Jean Hunter; 3 Wendy Wilkie

Easter Cakes: 1 Muriel MacKay