Man’s dead body had been lying for ‘some time’

The Bield Housing retirement complex at Rothesay Court.
The Bield Housing retirement complex at Rothesay Court.

The body of a resident at the Bield Housing and Care retirement complex at Rothesay Court was discovered there last month.

Sergeant David Watt of Police Scotland said “a 62 year old male resident was found dead in his own flat, who appears to have been there for some time.”

Neighbour Peter Hamilton described seeing a commotion from the window of his flat on December 11. He was alerted to the problem when he saw someone exiting the fire door holding their nose.

Describing the man as a recluse, Mr Hamilton said: “The man had been a resident for about six months, but I had only seen him twice in that entire time, and had never seen any friends or carers coming and going. And his blinds were always kept shut.”

He added: “At around 8pm that night I heard a noise and went out into the corridor where a forensic man, dressed head to toe in white, was working. The man apologised for the noise but said the smell was so bad in the flat he had to work in the corridor.”

The body of the man was taken for a post-mortem examination and a death report has been sent to the procurator fiscal in Greenock. However, Police Scotland said there are no suspicious circumstances.

As part of a service redesign at Rothesay Court in April 2013, the morning call-up service to check on the wellbeing of tenants was removed and replaced with an automated opt-in service for which users pay a monthly subscription. Bield declined the opportunity to comment.