Isle’s emergency plan is updated

Bute Community Emergency Plan, pic by Ronnie Falconer
Bute Community Emergency Plan, pic by Ronnie Falconer

Bute Community Council has updated its community emergency plan so the island is better prepared to deal with severe weather this winter.

First compiled following the storms and major power outage on Bute in January 2012, the latest update can be viewed at Rothesay Library or on the Bute Community Council website.

As well as describing how the plan would be implemented should an emergency occur, it also includes a section on preparing your own household emergency plan and other useful information and contact numbers. In the event of an emergency the plan would be implemented by community emergency manager Ronnie Falconer,

He said: “Let’s hope we don’t get any unexpected surprises this Christmas and New Year, but maybe we should be prepared just in case.”

Ronnie is assisted by assisted by Tony Harrison and six team leaders each covering a designated area of Bute. They are able to draw on around 70 community emergency volunteers who provide a range of skills including caring, catering, admin, first aid, transport and manual skills. Vehicles and several small generators can be mobilised. Arrangements have also been made for a central hub at Rothesay Joint Campus and other rest centres to be opened in an emergency. Ronnie added: “Some people may feel they would require assistance during an emergency, or you may know of someone. You can complete the relevant form on the community council website and hand it in to Bute Advice Centre in Bishop Street or scan and email it to”

Forms to join the team can also be found on the community council website.