Infrastructure talks on track

MVs Argyle and Bute at Rothesay pier
MVs Argyle and Bute at Rothesay pier

Council leader Ailleen Morton and Transport Minister Humza Yousaf have agreed to set up a group to look at transport infrastructure.

Speaking after a recent discussion with the minister, Councillor Morton said: “Here in Argyll and Bute we depend on planes, trains, automobiles – and of course ferries – to keep people and our economy moving across our mix of remote, rural and island communities.

MSP Humza Yousaf. 'Humza Haroon Yousaf , Minister for Transport and the Islands.

MSP Humza Yousaf. 'Humza Haroon Yousaf , Minister for Transport and the Islands.

“They play a crucial part in making Argyll and Bute a great place to live, work, visit and do business.

“There are several agencies, including the Scottish Government and the council, who each play different roles in working to keep those connections live and open.

“Whether it’s maintaining lifeline trunk routes, operating ferry and rail services, or providing flights and air services to and from the rest of the country.

“That is why I wrote to the minister earlier this year to ask for his support in jointly establishing a working group which would include all organisations involved in keeping Argyll and Bute moving.

“I’m delighted that the minister has welcomed our approach and has agreed to look at setting up this working group.

“We will be contacting partner agencies to explore potential agenda items and to arrange to meet as soon as we can. It’s extremely positive that we can work together on the issues that really matter to local people and to Argyll and Bute’s success.”

Humza Yousaf, Minister for Transport and the Islands, added: “I was delighted to chair this meeting with key representatives and there was a lot of positive thinking and common ground across the board as well as some constructive ideas for consideration moving forward.

“I’ve already visited the area on a number of occasions since becoming Transport Minister and I would be keen to attend any future transport round table to discuss with the council and other stakeholders in more detail the challenges and opportunities ahead.”