Hungary for business success

Hungarian born Zsolt Kulcsar has set-up a business from home on Bute.
Hungarian born Zsolt Kulcsar has set-up a business from home on Bute.

A Hungarian man, who has fallen in love with life on Bute, hopes his new business idea will allow him to build a long-term future on the island.

Zsolt Kulcsar from Budapest, has set-up Zac Bute PC to provide PC and laptop repairs, working away when he can outside his full-time job with Bute Island Foods.

He said; “I love the island and the community and would like to settle here for good. I have started a small business repairing laptops and PCs and related services.

“At the moment I’m not looking for a shop, more like doing it at home. Or I can go out and visit people as well. My Facebook page is ready.

“I studied IT at university where I did IT engineering and mathematics and it was always my hobby. I have always quite liked working on the PC and I thought I would do it as a hobby.

“I currently work at the at the vegan cheese factory on the island. Maybe in the future this could be full-time.

“Everybody can come to me and hopefully I can build up their trust so they know they can turn to me if they have a problem.

“I think this service is needed. There are not many people doing this on the island.

“Clearing up the PC if it’s slow or cleaning viruses, spyware, malware or even general repairs. For computers and laptops.”

Zsolt arrived on Bute in 2014 with the original intention to move on after a short while, but now hopes his new business will allow him to stay on the island for many years.

He said: “I like it here. I would like to settle in.

“I think after Brexit it will be fine to stay. I don’t think that will be a problem. I would like to give back to the community. Everybody is so nice. I just love this community.

“I had applied through an agency to work in Scotland. I started working in the Glenburn four and a half years ago and I was planning to stay a year and travel on.

“But I fell in love with the place and stayed. I can’t get enough of the scenery and the people. I’m from Budapest, so Bute is the opposite of that, just very calm.”

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