Female vote centenary event

Bute Museum in Rothesay's Stuart Street.
Bute Museum in Rothesay's Stuart Street.

A Scottish woman who emigrated to America is returning home to help commemorate the centenary of the first British women getting the vote.

Bernadette Cahill, an MA Honours graduate in History from Glasgow University, will be speaking of the campaign for votes for women at Bute Museum, Rothesay – the location that one of the leading suffragette and women’s rights organisations used for years.

What makes this even more significant is that the event will take place on February 6 - exactly 100 years to the day of the Act being passed.

Bernadette said: “Kudos to Rothesay for hosting this talk on such a momentous centenary. The story reveals some Scottish and Rothesay history that has been forgotten, using a primary source that only a couple of people knew existed.

“What’s really interesting about the tape is that it brings the campaign to life in a way I have never encountered elsewhere. It’s sad and frustrating that so much women’s history has been forgotten, while documents and photos have just been discarded when the women have died because people didn’t know how valuable they were – especially when the women were single, as was so often the case.”

The event is organised by LiveArgyll Libraries Service and hosted by Bute Museum and will hear Bernadette talk about some of the history of the work of the Women’s Freedom League on Clydeside.