Fancy a bit of burlesque?

Roxy Stardust
Roxy Stardust

A burlesque show is coming to Bute next month offering you the chance to not only see the dancers but be one yourself!

The Burlesque 101 Workshop will take place at The Scottish Honky Tonk Pub in Rothesay on April 28 at 2pm, with a show taking place that evening.

Lou-Leigh Blue

Lou-Leigh Blue

Dancer Roxy Stardust (28) of Glasgow Festival of Burlesque, is behind both events. She has been a burlesque dancer for eight years, teaching it for six.

She said: “Brodie from the Honky Tonk got in touch to ask if we could provide entertainment last Halloween. The show went really well. So we are coming back to do another show and the workshop.

“It’s me and Lou-Leigh Blue doing the workshop. It will be the first time we’ve done it on Bute. I’m really excited. Everyone is very enthusiastic. Fingers crossed we find some new talent.

“It’s hard to take your first steps on stage and I don’t think there are as much opportunities as there used to be.

“It’s like any performing art, it’s about getting out there and getting over stage fright. That was once me. And now I’ve made a career out of it.

“I think people should get involved if they fancy something a bit different. It’s about everyone having fun, in an environment where nobody is going to judge each other.

“I will teach basic moves and balloon pop – which is interesting and great fun.

“And if they ever do fancy performing we teach men as well as women. We have got some amazing male dancers.

“There are people who teach it focusing on exercise as well as dance. It’s like any dance class you have to be fit. It takes stamina.”

Tickets for the night show can be purchased from the bar while workshop tickets (£15) can be bought from