Family search for ‘doctor who’ on Bute

Jim Ashley and his wife
Jim Ashley and his wife

An English man is looking for your help to trace a relative believed to have been a doctor in Rothesay, as he bids to complete his family tree.

Peter Philpot (75) is looking to find out more about his ‘Uncle Jim’, Joseph James Ashley, who was born in Wiltshire in 1917 but lived in Rothesay.

“I never met my Uncle Jim and his background has been lost in the passage of time,” said Peter.

“He was one of six children born in West Overton, near Marlborough,Wiltshire. There were four girls followed by two boys. My own mother, whose maiden name was Dorothy Eileen Ashley, was the youngest of the girls.

“Uncle Jim joined the navy and never came back home. But we do know that he lived in Rothesay. I am told that he had one daughter, who apparently was a doctor in Rothesay.

“I am guessing that he has passed away by now. I didn’t know his wife’s name. And of course I don’t know his daughter’s name or her married name, if she was married at all.

“I have made a few calls to Scotland with little success. At my age it would have been nice to make contact with my unknown cousin before my time is up.

“My thinking is that if it was true that Jim’s daughter was in fact a Rothesay doctor then there is a chance that I could make contact with her through the Buteman.”

So far old family photographs are all Peter has had to help him in his search.

He said: “I have spent time looking at old family photographs which I inherited from my mother, and have stumbled across a few interesting pictures of which I am 99 per cent sure are of Uncle Jim Ashley and his wife, and another picture of Jim’s wife and daughter.

“By luck, written on the back of the photograph of Uncle Jim and his wife, in faint pencil writing, it states that the picture was taken on September 8, 1962 at the Lorne Hotel. I checked on the internet if there was a Lorne Hotel in Rothesay, and yes there was.

“I reckon that makes our search very much more likely to be successful with your kind help.”

If you can assist Peter with this family search, email