Elderly group slams RBS proposals

The Rothesay branch of the RBS.
The Rothesay branch of the RBS.

Age Scotland has expressed concern over RBS’s plans to close its branch on the Isle of Bute, saying that older and more vulnerable customers will be hardest hit.

The bank plans to close 62 branches across Scotland next year, including at Victoria Street, Rothesay on June 26, as it says more of its customers are accessing services online or with mobile devices.

Keith Robson of Age Scotland, said: “Older customers are less likely to use online or mobile banking, and mostly prefer to do their banking face-to-face. They may find it difficult to access transport to visit their nearest branch once the local one has closed.

“We hope that RBS is working with the Bute community to take into account all customers’ needs and live up to their previous commitments to ensure that suitable alternative provision is made.

“Mobile branches can be a good option in many rural areas. However, it’s vital to ensure that these are accessible to people with disabilities, and the services are available when people need them. Alternatively, banking services should be available from post offices or community-based bank employees.”