Cutting out plastic is fantastic

Zero Waste Bute article
Zero Waste Bute article

Bute has long been a strong example of good recycling practice in Scotland.

Long before doing so was ‘in vogue’ we as an island were collecting, reducing and reusing wherever possible and recycling and reducing of plastic is not new to us.

In 2017 alone we successfully recycled 39 tonnes of mixed plastic and HDPE, diverting it from landfill.

Recent months in particular have seen a rise in awareness of the impact of plastic use upon our planet and the importance of reduction.

The Scottish Government’s plans to become the first UK country to ban plastic cotton buds is a step in the right direction and will certainly reduce the amount of plastic put into our environment.

This follows other such plastic interventions such as the single use bag charge nationwide and the more recent banning of single use plastic straws by a number of locations across Scotland - including on board CalMac ferries.

These measures will reduce the amount of new plastic introduced into the environment. Cutting plastic out altogether will be far harder as it seems to permeate into everything we use now.

With this in mind it’s worthwhile taking a moment to remember what can and cant be recycled on the island.

The green bag is the place to put your cans, tins, milk bottles, plastic bottles and aluminium foil. You can also recycle yogurt/butter pots in the same bag. Our blue bin is as you know the place for card and paper. We can’t however recycle plastic wrapping, glass, crisp bags, food waste and polystyrene.

Recycling is not something to come and go as a trend. It has to be a way of life as it affects our environment- everybody’s environment.