Committee to deliver?

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Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee is to look at unfair delivery charges in Scotland and wants to hear people’s views on the matter.

The committee said customers in the Highlands and Islands were paying as much as £18.60 per delivery. Representatives from online retailers and delivery companies will face questions on their charges during a session on February 27. Before that the committee wants to hear your views in an online forum.

Brendan O'Hara MP

Brendan O'Hara MP

Argyll and Bute MP Brendan O’Hara (SNP)is calling on islanders to make their views heard by the Scottish Affairs Committee on the matter. He said: “The UK Government seems to be of the view that market forces will force down delivery rip-offs. I would say enough is enough.

“This is shoddy and sharp practice which some couriers have gotten away with for too long. I would strongly urge everyone with a tale to tell to report it to the committee. Let’s make sure this issue is heard loud and clear by the UK Government.

“I compiled a caseload of delivery charge complaints I had received and some were shocking! £260 to deliver a sofa that still didn’t arrive in time. £90 to deliver a £20 box of health biscuits. £15 extra postage for a bag of seed potatoes. I could go on.”

The MP made it clear that unfair delivery charges also affect mainland Scotland.

He said: “I had the opportunity to debate this growing problem at Westminster just before Christmas and unfair delivery charges isn’t just a problem for rural or island communities. We’re talking about towns an hour’s drive from Glasgow.

“This inquiry, undoubtedly thanks to the long-standing efforts of my colleagues Drew Hendry and Angus Robertson, is long overdue.”

Make your feelings know on delivery charges to the Scottish Affairs Committee here.