Buteman article helps to crack the case in grandfather war service hunt

Steven Orange with the Buteman article.
Steven Orange with the Buteman article.

A man researching the hidden story of his grandfather’s service in WW1 cracked the case thanks to the Buteman.

Steven Orange from Sunderland knew that his grandfather Harry Macnab served in the 5th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and had been appointed a Regimental Sergeant Major. He had no other information about Harry’s service except a few photos, a postcard and a few memories that his grandmother had shared with him when he was young.

Then while researching at Rothesay Library he discovered the key in a copy of The Buteman dated 12 February 1915.

“We had no idea where he fought, apart from a photo and a postcard of a pyramid. So finding an interview in the Buteman about his life before the war, and his reasons for joining up, were a total revelation.

“It was the key, it unlocked so many things we didn’t know about him.

“We found more Buteman articles which mentioned him, as the family were well-known locally and had been in Rothesay since the 1750s.”

From that start, Steven has been able to piece together a remarkable story, which he is to share in a talk at Rothesay Library on Wednesday (November 22) at 7.30pm, called ‘A Rothesay Sergeant Major in the 5th Argylls – the story of Harry Macnab’s service in the Great War’.

Steven said: “I’ll be sharing amazing story of the forgotten men of the 5th Argylls and other Scottish soldiers, and revealing a picture of WW1 quite different from the popular perception of tommies in trenches on the Western Front, learning through the experiences of an ordinary Rothesay man.”