Bute’s blooming marvellous community effort

Members of Bute in Bloom, filling 68 planters with plants to be placed around the shop frontages in Rothesay
Members of Bute in Bloom, filling 68 planters with plants to be placed around the shop frontages in Rothesay

Bute in Bloom members have been busy recently filling 68 planters, not only for locals and visitors to enjoy, but also to impress Keep Scotland Beautiful judges next month.

Gordon Gillespie, Jean Mcphee, Colin Gillespie, Fiona Gillespie and Iain Gillespie spent two days putting the putting the planters together, most of which are now on display throughout Rothesay.

Ian Gillespie from Bute in Bloom, was the man who started the planters four years ago.

He said: “They are out until the week after the September weekend. We are about two weeks late getting them out this year, because we were waiting on the plants.

“We got them out in front of all the shops. They always go down well with people.

“A lot of people are saying the place looks a lot better with the flowers, so it does make a difference doing this.

“It’s very much a community effort. More and more people want to help in some way.

“I initially paid for the planters for the first year and a half just to get started.

“Now we receive help from For Bute. And a local benefactor, who doesn’t want to be named, put in a certain amount of money which covers most of the costs.”

Ian explained how far the project has come since its small scale beginnings in 2015.

He said: “This is the fourth year. It started out with just nine planters around a corner.

“Then it went up to 15. Last year we had 55 and now we have another 13. Those 13 are to go over the railings. We are just waiting on the brackets from the blacksmiths.

“We want them out as soon as possible to let the plants develop rather than leaving them sitting in pots.”

Keep Scotland Beautiful judges will visit the island in August to see the planters and judge Bute in Bloom’s work.

Ian is hopeful that the island will maintain its recent success in the competition.

He said: “We have had a few wins over the years. The latest was two years ago when we got the Silver Guild.

“We always do quite well.

“With this year being the year of the child we are incorporating the local nursery school, which was nice to do.”