Bute Community Council’s latest monthly meeting report

Stock photo of a  meeting of Bute Community Council.
Stock photo of a meeting of Bute Community Council.

At the recent meeting of Bute Community Council, under the convenorship of Marlene Hill, many points were raised and discussed.

Jonathen Miles from Argyll and Bute Council, gave a presentation regarding the progress of the Pavilion, accompanied by detailed photographs of the improvement work. He stated that the project was within budget. Community councillor Iain Morrison asked what the target completion date was. Mr Miles replied that it was to be July 29 but this had been extended to September. Convenor Marlene Hill asked if it would be this year and Mr Miles thought not. Asked what the proposed capacity would be, the reply was 1,000 and that the building was intended for multi use, not just entertainment. Mr Miles was given a warm round of applause for his presentation

There was no police report as there was no members of the police in attendance. The reason given was that there were only two members of the force on duty on a Wednesday evening. The convenor will ask for a written report if there are no officers present.

Community councillor Iain Morrison asked if the three elected Argyll & Bute councillors had had the opportunity to tell the road repair team where to go next. Councillor Moffat replied that wasn’t how it worked, his information had come in after the roads department had decided what roads would be repaired. There was further discussion regarding this matter without it being resolved.

It was reported that, despite the matter having been highlighted regularly over the previous months, not one of the abandoned vehicles had been moved. The Argyll and Bute councillors were asked to pursue this.

There was complaints concerning street sweeping, including weeds. Cllr Moffat said that if the complainers contacted the council’s website they could access a form outlining the grievance.

Moves are afoot to arrange a meeting with Dawnfresh (the fish farm proposers) but no date has been set.

Amongst other topics discussed were recycling, transport, Bute in Bloom and the climate change demonstration in Guildford Square.

The next meeting of Bute Community Council will be Wednesday, June 19, at 7pm, This will also be the AGM.