Bute Community Council report

A stock photo of a previous Bute Community Council meeting.
A stock photo of a previous Bute Community Council meeting.

At last month’s Bute Community Council meeting the full agenda was actively discussed by community council members and members of the public.

The following topics were reported and discussed:

Roads Repairs

There were discussions and complaints regarding the lack of repairs to the Rhubodach road. A&B Councillor, Jim Findlay, said that it was reconstruction, not repair, and he had challenged the budget sum of £43,000, as he did not think that it was enough.

A&B Cllr Jean Moffat stated that it would not be put aside again, and that funds could be found when the work is crucial.

B.C.C. Cllr, Ronnie Falconer, stated that nothing had been done for over a year, and the road could become unusable.

He asked for a date to be given to the B.C.C. for the next meeting. A&B Cllr Moffat said that the Roads Department doesn’t give dates, They just say that it will be this year. The convenor will write to Head of Roads, Jim Smith

Abandoned cars

It has been discussed over the previous meetings that there are a number of abandoned vehicles around the island. The police have stated that, unless it is in a dangerous state or causing an obstruction, it is not a police matter.

There was discussion regarding six or seven apparently abandoned vehicles in Port Bannatyne and A&B Cllr Findlay advised that they should be logged on to the council’s web site.

Fish Farm

B.C.C. Cllr Falconer spoke regarding the proposed fish farm. A member of the public wanted Dawnfresh (the fish farm company) to engage directly with B.C.C., another member of the public asked that a public consultation be held. B.C.C. Cllr Falconer stated that he would contact an official of Dawnfresh to discuss this in June, 24, the date subject to agreement with Dawnfresh. This meeting will be a one item only agenda.

Pier Passenger Lifts

There appears to be a difference of opinion whether the lifts are new or repaired. B.C.C. Cllr Robert McIntyre asked if there was a Bute councillor on the committee for this. He was told that there was not. Provost Len Scoullar will request a report.


It was announced that there would be a presentation regarding the Pavilion at the next meeting. B.C.C. Cllr Iain Gillespie asked if they would bring a copy of the plans. This request would be passed on.

There were 21 members of the public in attendance. The next meeting will be held in the Museum, Rothesay, at 7pm on Wednesday, May 15.