Ballianlay SWI meeting

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Ballianlay SWI met on March 4 at Straad Village Hall for its regular monthly meeting, where president Meg Young warmly welcomed members and guests.

Speaking about the group’s latest meeting Janet Huddart, Ballianlay SWI secretary, said: “Sandra Keevil-Woodford was co-opted onto the committee.

“Upon conclusion of the business for the evening Tim Saul gave a very interesting talk about the history of jazz and the development of different styles over the years.

“He commented that traditional jazz is probably the easiest to listen to because it is predictable. He also shared several amusing anecdotes about his experiences working as a musician abroad.”

Competitions: tablet – 1 Liz Gilmour, 2 Margaret Baker; musical item – 1 Gladys Taylor, 2 Alison Carter, 3 Meg Young.