Argyll & Bute MP calls for halt on Universal Credit

Brendan O'Hara MP
Brendan O'Hara MP

Local MP Brendan O’Hara is calling for a halt to the rollout of Universal Credit, which is expected in Argyll and Bute later this year.

Research by the SNP revealed that local authorities across Scotland have spent several million pounds mitigating the impact of Universal Credit .

Mr O’Hara (SNP) said: “Universal Credit is driving more people into poverty, causing severe hardship and stress and forcing people into relying upon foodbanks, just to get by. It’s an unthinking, callous approach which victimises those who simply need an extra bit of help.

“Despite overwhelming evidence, the Tories seem to be hell-bent on pursuing their flag-ship Universal Credit project despite all the warning signs of the devastating impact.

“It’s time to recognise that the rollout has been a failure, the human price has been too high and the time is long overdue for it to be halted.”

A UK Government spokesman said: “Our welfare reforms offer parents tailored support to move into work, ensuring that even more families can enjoy the opportunities and benefits that work can bring. We are helping families by cutting taxes and increasing the National Living Wage. We’ve also doubled free childcare and continue to spend £90 billion a year on welfare to support those who need it most.

“The Scottish Government has significant powers over social security to both raise taxes and top up any reserved benefits and we remain committed to working with them to ensure a smooth transition of the remaining devolved responsibilities.”