Answers from the Pavilion part 6

ulia Twomlow, CEO and artistic director, Rothesay Pavilion answers more questions about the project. (Picture: Iain MacLeod)
ulia Twomlow, CEO and artistic director, Rothesay Pavilion answers more questions about the project. (Picture: Iain MacLeod)

What facilities will be provided when it reopens? Two venues – the existing main hall and stage which has a capacity of 800 to 1200 plus a new smaller venue. This will have its own stage and bar and its own entrance. With a capacity of just 100 it will be ideal for smaller events and parties. The Pavilion will also include a shop, box office, café, meeting rooms, exhibition space, music and media studio and offices. The former Caretakers House to the rear of the main building will be converted into three office units.

Will local artists/groups be able to have exhibitions? Yes absolutely. The exhibition space will be programmed with an average of three main exhibitions a year, often delivered in collaboration with national and local partners. The exhibition space will also receive a regular annual programme of locally generated exhibitions. Additional spaces within the building will be available for ‘pop-up’ exhibitions too. Wherever possible, the shop will source locally made high quality products for its shelves.

Will the building be open seven days a week? During the main season the Pavilion will be open seven days a week. Even when there are no programmed events, the exhibition space, café and shop will be open. During winter this will drop to six days a week.

Who will have access in terms of community groups? We’ve made the building as flexible as possible and will welcome interest from community groups.

What is planned for young people? Within the building we are creating a new music and media studio that is especially aimed at young people. This part of the project is called 45RPM (45 is the street number of the Pavilion, RPM = Rothesay Pavilion Multimedia) and will provide training and experience in music, sound engineering and recording, event management, film-making etc. as well as rehearsal space and social space. 45RPM will have its own steering group of young people and will be able to guide the programming of the Pavilion in relation to young people, as well as promoting events of their own in the smaller venue.

What type of entertainment and events are envisaged? With two venues, an exhibition space and lots of rooms, there is plenty of scope for a varied and exciting programme of events and entertainment. The focus for the main hall will be on bands, dance nights, and comedy, plus occasional forays into theatre and classical music. The main hall will also be available for weddings, conferences. The smaller venue will be ideal for youth band or DJ nights, folk nights, a jazz club, theatre, and stand-up comedy. It will also be available to hire for parties. The café will open late and be used as an occasional venue.