Answers from the Pavilion part 5

Rothesay Pavilion
Rothesay Pavilion

As the New Year dawns, it is gratifying to see activity on site at the Pavilion.

In my last set of FAQs, I answered questions around who will own the building when it reopens, why is the work being done and who is paying for it. This time my focus turns to what we can expect to see happening in the building once it reopens to the public in 2019, and a little more about Rothesay Pavilion charity.

Rothesay Pavilion FAQs

Who will be in charge when Rothesay Pavilion reopens? Ownership of Rothesay Pavilion will stay with Argyll and Bute Council, however, the day to day running of the building including programming and scheduling, will pass over to Rothesay Pavilion charity. This is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) that was founded in 2014 to take on the management of the Pavilion when it is operational again. The SCIO is governed by a board of trustees. Day to day running of the Pavilion, including events, bookings, exhibitions, café, bars, shop, meeting rooms and offices, will be by the chief executive/artistic director along with a senior management team and staff of around 25 employees.

Who are members of the board? The board currently has 13 members of which eight live on Bute. As a group, they bring together extensive experience in business, the arts, marketing and building operations, as well as local knowledge, all key areas of expertise in creating a successful venue. They are: chair - Dr Nick Merriman (director of Manchester Museum), vice-chair - Phyllis Steel (specialist arts advisor), treasurer - John Thomas (businessman and former arts lecturer), secretary - Dorothy McDonald (manager of Achievement Bute), Allison Harley (owner/manager of Simply Buteiful, Rothesay), Emma Cooper (CEO of Scottish Rural Action), Nicola Jones (artist/practitioner), Tim Saul (owner/partner of Brechin’s Brasserie, Rothesay), Catrin Kemp (assistant director of Cove Park), Janet McAllister (technical services director at Fyne Homes), Lisa Kapur (arts officer at Edinburgh City Council), Simon Groom (director of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) and Peter Griffiths (marketing manager at Calmac).

What are the possibilities for employing local people and how many? We anticipate that Rothesay Pavilion will employ around 25 people in a range of roles including management and administrative roles, technical support, operational support, customer services, catering and educational activities.

Julia answers more Rothesay Pavilion questions next week.