Another busy month for MSYP

Jamie Murray MSYP for Bute, pictured in London.
Jamie Murray MSYP for Bute, pictured in London.

I attended the Scottish Youth Parliament’s national sitting in Ayrshire rescheduled due too the snow and therefore a shorter sitting than usual, but nonetheless very interesting.

We had our annual SYP awards show on the Friday night, where the creative communications team that I lead won an award for Area or Group of the Year (see page 6).

I have also been preparing for my upcoming speech at the Scotland Policy Conferences Keynote Seminar taking place in Edinburgh.

I will be discussing the need for young people to be ‘let in’ on the conversations organisations and the Scottish Government are having about how best to support young people with additional support needs.

Drawing from my own experience working in the sector and detailing the thoughts of colleagues I have worked with and young people who receive support, I will be encouragingly key stakeholders to implement a rights-based approach to decision making.

Once again, I had the privilege of representing the young people of Scotland on the Commonwealth stage, at this year’s Commonwealth Youth Forum in London.

It was a brilliant event where young people from across the Commonwealth fed directly into discussions on massively important issues such as sustainability, security, fairness and prosperity.

I heard many well known public figures speak during the three days I attended such as Prince William, Prince Harry, Bill Gates, Prime Minister Theresa May and a whole host of current and former high ranking public figures from across the Commonwealth.

During an inclusion discussion one panellist made a crucial point: “The biggest threat to democracy is young people who do not vote.”

I completely agree with that remark. It can be difficult trying to encourage young people to have faith in the political system at times but it is vital we continue to show we are interested. One day it will be us who make the important decisions. We fought to be enfranchised from 16 onwards in Scotland and I believe it is pivotal we illustrate why that was necessary.