Alesha MacPhail Rothesay memorial bench flowers plea

The bench in memory of Alesha MacPhail, situated at Children's Corner, Rothesay.
The bench in memory of Alesha MacPhail, situated at Children's Corner, Rothesay.

People are being urged to stop placing flowers on the recently installed Alesha MacPhail memorial bench on Rothesay Promenade over fears it will damage the paintwork.

The bench in memory of the tragic six-year-old girl was unveiled at Children’s Corner on Rothesay Promenade last month.

The pink bench was purchased by the Isle of Bute Resilience Group following an online fundraiser which raised an impressive £2,000 in around a fortnight.

However, Fiona Gillespie from the group has been left heartbroken by the damage the flowers are having on the memorial bench, and she has called on people to stop placing the floral tributes directly on the bench, but instead place them around the bench.

She said: “People are constantly covering her bench in flowers. I have to go down and remove them every day. Place them around the bench, on the railings and the wall.

“Now somebody has tied flowers to the bench. So I will have to take scissors down and cut them off the bench.

“The flowers are marking the bench and it will affect the paintwork. I’ve now placed a laminated sign to say please don’t put them on the bench. Please instead use the railings or the wall behind the bench. The bench is getting damaged and it’s breaking my heart.”

Alesha was killed by teenager Aaron Campbell in July 2018. Campbell (now 17) was convicted of the schoolgirl’s abduction, rape and murder and ordered to serve 27 years in prison. In May he was granted permission to appeal against his sentence.