A very busy and exciting start to the new year

Jamie Murray MSYP and Kiera Rutherford at the 2018 Argyll & Bute Youth Achievement Awards
Jamie Murray MSYP and Kiera Rutherford at the 2018 Argyll & Bute Youth Achievement Awards

by Jamie Murray MSYP

Argyll & Bute

I have had a very exciting and very busy month to begin the year. I submitted a video summarising what I’ve done during my time as an MSYP or the Argyll & Bute Youth Achievement Awards that took place in January and I’d like to share some of my remarks I recorded for the video. “I aim to make a meaningful difference to the lives of young people by continuing to speak and campaign on behalf of the young people of Argyll & Bute who feel they do not have a voice.”

From every person I meet to every meeting I attend, I believe it is my responsibility to discuss how truly great the young people of Argyll & Bute are. I am in awe of the talent on show from our young people and I know that the future is bright for our constituency.

On January 22, I had the privilege of attending another board of trustees meeting at Scottish Youth Parliament HQ in Edinburgh. It was good to see my fellow trustees again in the new year.

It was agreed that I would create a video of the Scottish Youth Parliaments weekend residential which took place at Bonaly Outdoor Centre in Edinburgh over the first weekend in February. Keep an eye out on social media for some previews for that video!

I was delighted to accept an invitation to attend the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London during April of this year. This opportunity excites me greatly as it means I can continue my work as a Commonwealth Youth Parliamentarian representing Scotland in its entirety.

In 2016, I attended the eighth Commonwealth Youth Parliament in Canada, where I had an incredible experience debating and sharing ideas with young people from across the commonwealth.

In addition to that, I will be speaking at the Additional Support for Learning Policy Conference Keynote Seminar in Edinburgh in April, which is a topic I feel strongly about. I will be meeting with the SYP’s Education Committee to receive their take on the issue and welcome advice on this topic from people within the sector.

Finally, during July of this year, I will be attending the Royal Garden Party in my role as MSYP for Argyll & Bute where Her Majesty The Queen will be in attendance.

Lastly, for January, I was asked to co-host the Argyll & Bute Youth Achievement Awards in Helensburgh last month along with Paul McIlvenny, Senior Development Worker at Youth Scotland.

The night itself showcased that we have some of the brightest and most talented young people living in our constituency. Young people who strive to make a difference to the lives of others and who passionately use their talents and hard work for good in the communities they live in.

Every nominated young person and group illustrated adequately that Argyll & Bute’s young people have so much to offer and the drive and dedication required to pursue their dreams.

I was fortunate enough to win an award on the night – The Citizenship Award – for which I am immensely grateful for but more importantly, our Isle of Bute was superbly on display with Kiera Rutherford who was up for and won the Unsung Hero Award and Yasmin Price who was nominated for the Youth Sporting Award.

For updates on my work as your MSYP please email me at jamie.murray.msyp@sypmail.org.uk or contact me on my Facebook and Twitter @JamieMurrayMSYP or visit my website: http://www.jamieamurray.com.