A marathon effort from Rothesay barber Wes

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A Rothesay barber recently swapped Bute for La La land to take part in the Los Angeles marathon.

Wes Pattison (34), who owns Wesley Snips Barber Shop in Deanhood Place, finished a very credible 83rd out of more than 30,000 runners – not bad for someone who was late for the start and had an injured foot!

Wes explains: “I pulled a muscle in my back the day before the race putting on my running shoes to go a run! Think it was sitting on the plane for long period of time.

“I also had a poisoned toe where I cut it a few days before which was really sore, and my last bad luck story – I missed my start wave and had to start at the back of the race and had to fight my way through to get near the front runners.”

Speaking about taking part, Wes continued: “ I have spoke to a few people on the running circuit which praised the marathon in LA so decided to try it.

“ It was a really enjoyable marathon albeit a bit hot.

“It was great running through Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive and finishing on Santa Monica Pier.

“It was probably the only marathon where I was actively looking at the sights as I ran thinking ‘That’s from that film, oh, and that’s from that one’.”

The father-of four first got into running about 10 years ago following a football injury.

“I got injured playing football so to get back to fitness I started running and it just snowballed from then,” Wes said.

“I have done so many marathons now and have been all over the world running – Japan, Russia, Spain, America, lots of Europe and all over the UK.

“I have also started running ultra marathons which is anything over 30 miles.

“I’m lucky that I have a very understanding girlfriend who lets me train six times a week and swan around the globe running.

“ I was offered a sponsorship but due to work and family I decided against it and I love running as a hobby I didn’t want to be made to run by a company and for it to become a chore.”

There’s not too much time for Wes to rest as he’ll soon be reaching for his running shoes once more.

He said: “I run for Greenock Glenpark Harriers so I always have races.

“I have two ultra marathons later on in the year and I am also heading back to the States in November to run the Las Vegas marathon which is a night marathon which should be good with all the Vegas lights lit up.”