Parking on Rothesay prom back on the agenda

Should parking be allowed on the Rothesay promenade - even on a restricted basis?
Should parking be allowed on the Rothesay promenade - even on a restricted basis?

The controversial question of whether to allow vehicles to park on the Rothesay promenade looks set to rear its head again.

The issue is one of several set to be approved for public consultation this coming week - though in a slightly different form to the past.

Specifically, this time around, the idea is that the promenade could be used as a chargeable car parking area for vehicle owners using the Rothesay-Wemyss Bay ferry - freeing up spaces elsewhere in the town for use during the day.

A report to be considered by councillors from the Bute and Cowal area this week also suggests better promotion of the (free) car park at the former West Church as an option for Rothesay ferry users.

The report outlines several ideas for altering parking arrangements in both Bute and Cowal, and asks for councillors’ approval to put these ideas out for public consultation to community councils and the wider public.

The ideas all emerged from a ‘parking review workshop’ for councillors, officials and other stakeholders, held earlier this year.

Bute Community Council organised a survey in 2011 seeking people’s opinions on the general principle of parking on the prom, in which 509 people said they were opposed and 108 gave the idea their backing.

The other Bute problem locations, and possible solutions, identified in that workshop were:

* Ardbeg Road at Ardmory Road - proposal to introduce ‘no waiting or loading’ zones on the south side of Ardbeg Road for 15 metres either side of the Ardmory Road junction;

* Parking on the pavement on the seaward side of Battery Place - providing parking spaces in place of the wide footway is to be costed by the council’s development and infrastructure services department;

* Better definition of parking bays in Rothesay town centre, and in particular changing from metal studs to lines of paint at the disabled bays in Montague Street.

The council’s Bute and Cowal area committee will consider the suggestions, and make a decision on public consultation, when it meets in Dunoon this Tuesday, June 2.

What do you think of the idea of making the Rothesay prom a chargeable parking area for ferry users? Would it free up much-needed spaces elsewhere in the town centre - or will the plan to impose a charge mean no-one will use the space anyway? Let us know what you think - register or sign in below to comment on this page, email or share your thoughts via Facebook or Twitter.