Opposition grows to Bute police review

Police are appealing for information.
Police are appealing for information.
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Plans to review police coverage on Bute which would see the Rothesay inspector’s post abolished have, unsurprisingly, met a sceptical response from readers of The Buteman.

Following our report revealing that a “local management review” could see the post currently held by Gordon Anderson scrapped, several readers have questioned the wisdon of the proposal.

Commenting on The Buteman’s website, Hugh K. Crawford said: “It’s the height of insanity to suggest the Inspector’s position is redundant.

“A look at the weekly reports of drug, and drug related crime, and the number of undesirables that the state seems to be happy to subsidise to live on Bute, not to mention the popularity it has with certain types from Glasgow and other cities, means that the island needs an immediate and senior police presences, able to monitor and act.

“Having someone remote and distant, based somewhere like Dunoon - one is tempted to think of the former ‘traffic warden’ scenario of old, where Dunoon’s warden was oocasionally ferried over to hand out a few tickets - would turn the island in a haven for those we could well do without.”

Also on our website, ‘mcgregor677’ said: “Now retired from Strathclyde Police and having served as sergeant here in Rothesay for 6 years, I was horrified to hear that the Inspector post on Bute was being deemed redundant!

“During my service here there was a vast amount of administration and management duties that could only be done by the resident Inspector. The Sergeants had a vast amount of admin to cover dealing with their own shifts and personnel.

“Should the local Inspector be “made redundant!” the senior officer to administrate here would be based in Dunoon and apart from his own priorities in his own local area, I feel that he would be divorced from a close personal supervision of the local officers on Bute. “Mr House hasnae got a clue!”

Alastair Fenton suggested the blame lay away from the police when he said: “Vote SNP. We will shut your Court, your toilets and take your Police Inspector away. FREEDOM !! AYE RIGHT.”

Meanwhile, local councillor Len Scoullar has written to Sir Stephen House, the chief constable of Police Scotland, to add his voice to the growing chorus of concern over the proposal.

Cllr Scoullar’s letter suggests the removal of a full-time inspector with responsibility for Bute could leave the island vulnerable, especially in the event of a major incident outside of ferry sailing times.

“Please, give this proposal your further consideration and leave unchanged the inspector post at Rothesay,” Cllr Scoullar states. “The people of Bute will be very grateful and appreciative I know.

“I am aware that Bute Community Council share my views on this and that they are horrified by the implications of removing this inspector post.”

Elsewhere, although Police Scotland announced plans this week to reduce the opening hours of front counters at police offices across Scotland, Rothesay was not one of the locations mentioned in the proposal.