New bus service to Inverclyde Royal Hospital

We reported yesterday via our Facebook and Twitter pages that Councillor Len Scoullar had been informed McGill’s Buses will be making a change in provision of the 575 service from Wemyss Bay to Greenock, which attends Inverclyde Royal Hospital on request to the driver.

The new 578/580 service – which commences as of Monday, September 3 - operates with the same frequency of that of the 575, but has a scheduled stop at the hospital.

General Manager of McGill’s Buses, Bert Hendry, confirmed to Cllr Scoullar that the timings of the new services has been set to allow for minor delays to the ferry, and that there are now scheduled return journeys to the ferry terminal.

To view the new timetable, visit McGill’s Buses website via the link to the right of this article and click on the PDF icon at the bottom of the page.