MV Bute goes to aid of capsized yacht

A SAILING on a Caledonian MacBrayne ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay on Monday took an unexpected twist, after the captain received a mayday call about a yacht in trouble.

The crew of MV Bute, on its 12 noon sailing, altered course to assist the troubled vessel, aptly named ‘Storm’, after it had capsized, with two people left clinging on to its hull.

A nearby yacht called ‘Bravado’ was in the vicinity and attended the scene to offer assistance, picking up the two crew members.

Weather conditions at the time were difficult, with wind gusting up to 50kts, and MV Bute manoeuvred into position to offer shelter while ‘Bravado’ assisted.

The yacht took the two crew members to Rothesay and were met by coastguard officials, while MV Bute continued on its journey to Rothesay, arriving 17 minutes later than timetabled.