MP welcomes seminar into island fuel costs

Alan Reid MP welcomed the UK coalition Government’s commitment to invite fuel distributors to a seminar at which they will be expected to explain why the price of fuel is so high at pumps on the islands.

The Government’s commitment was given to island MPs today by David Mundell MP, the Under Secretary of State at the Scotland Office.

Mr Mundell had invited island MPs to a meeting following a Commons question from Alan Reid MP, in which Mr Reid had asked the Government to ensure that the 5p island fuel duty discount is being passed on to the motorist at the pumps.

At the meeting, HMRC also told MPs that they are monitoring price data with the intention of ensuring that the 5p discount is being passed on to the motorist.

Alan Reid MP said, “I very much welcome the Government’s commitment to invite the fuel distributors to explain themselves at the seminar. We want to get to the bottom of why the price of fuel at the pumps is so high on the islands, and see what can be done to bring prices down. Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, the Government has cut fuel duty by 5p a litre on all our islands. We must make sure that all of this 5p is passed on to the motorist as it should be, and doesn’t find its way to the fuel distributors’ bank accounts.”