MP calls on Government to stop planned fuel duty increase

Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday (Tuesday, March 12), Alan Reid, MP for Argyll and Bute, called on the Government not to go ahead with the fuel duty increase planned for September.

Mr Reid said: “In terms of fairness of taxation, another area where this Government have done a great job is on fuel duty. The fuel duty is now 10p a litre lower on the mainland and 15p a litre lower on islands than it would have been if the Labour party had still been in power.

“I hope that my hon. Friend will continue that good work and that in the Budget there will be an announcement that the September fuel duty increase inherited from Labour will not go ahead.”

Mr David Gauke, The Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, replied: “I will take that as a Budget representation. It is perhaps worth pointing out that there was a measure that the previous Labour Government had to reduce the deficit, which was substantial increases in fuel duty over the course of this Parliament.

That is a measure that we have been able to stop, and quite right too”.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Reid said: “The rising cost of fuel is hitting people hard in a rural constituency like Argyll and Bute. I hope the Government will help by freezing fuel duty for another year.”