MP asks for increase in fuel duty discount

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Following the fuel price summit in Glasgow on January 31, Alan Reid MP asked Michael Moore MP, Secretary of State for Scotland, if the island fuel duty discount could be increased to 7p or 8p since there is money left over in this budget.

Mr Alan Reid asked: “I thank the Under-Secretary for organising the fuel summit in Glasgow, at which it was revealed that the island fuel duty discount could go up to 7p or 8p a litre while remaining in the Treasury budget of £5 million. Will my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State lobby the Chancellor to increase the discount to 7p or 8p in the budget, so that the full budget is spent to the benefit of island motorists?

Mr Moore responded: “ It was important to have that summit to discuss all the key issues and to emphasise how that fuel discount has provided for people in island and remote communities. My hon. Friend has made a strong case for the budget and I am sure that the Chancellor will have heard it.”

Speaking afterwards, Mr Reid said, “I’m pleased with the positive response from the Secretary of State. I hope the Chancellor will increase the fuel duty discount in the budget.

“The 5p discount has been a big help to island motorists, but since there’s money left in the budget I would like to see it used to increase the discount further.”