Mount Stuart appoints new directors to trust

The Mount Stuart Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of three new directors.

These appointments will help the Trust fulfil its primary objectives in the furtherance of the arts, culture, heritage and science and will emphasise the close links between the Trust and the wider Bute community.

The new directors, who become members of the Trust, are Hans H Rissmann OBE, Peter Timms CBE, and Francis Russell.

Both Mr Rissman and Mr Timms have close connections with Bute. Mr Rissman was formerly manager of the Glenburn Hotel and his sons were born on the island and Mr Timms is Chairman of a Bute-based business and holds a number of prominent board positions on companies and public bodies. He lives on the island with his wife and family. Mr Russell is Deputy Chairman of Christie’s and has been a frequent visitor to Bute over thirty years as well as an advisor to the Trustees on its art holdings.

Connie Lovel, chief executive of the Mount Stuart Trust, said: “The principal purpose of the Trust is the preservation of Mount Stuart for public benefit, providing access to one of the world’s finest houses and everything that surrounds it - which is a tremendous cultural resource in terms of art, architecture, history and some of Scotland’s best landscape. Mount Stuart is an immensely important part of the nation’s heritage and a significant visitor draw for the island of Bute, the wider region and Scotland.

“The appointment of three new directors, who will undoubtedly bring considerable experience and relevant skills to the Trust, will help us achieve our objectives.

“Last year the Trust received numerous applications for membership from people the majority of whom had been encouraged to apply as part of a land-reform related campaign. The Trust was never intended to be a mass membership organisation but, despite this, all applications were considered carefully before coming to decisions. We have written to applicants thanking them for their interest and believe the new appointments will be of benefit to Bute and the community. As a charitable company limited by guarantee, we have also informed the charity regulator for Scotland.”